Friday, January 18, 2008

GOODBye =(

Writing my personal essay was very interesting i definately would like to do it again. while writing i learned alot about myself and it really made me think alot. The strength of my essay was me writing about being bi racial i find it a very appealing because this topic is not brought up alot and when it is it's very confusing trying to find who you are. Growing up for me one of my main experiences with being bi racial alot of the time was being told im just black and it brought alot of mix up in my life because i didnt know why when i always seen my self as a girl that had black and white in her. in my essay i stated my opinions and my many understandings and i hope if other people read it they can relate to it. This is the many few non-fiction writing i've done its always easier writing a fiction because you can make up anything but non fiction its all about the true life experiences.

2. Writers should read because reading brings knowledge to someone. you get a better understanding when you read. Why would a writer write if he or she never reads books?

3. my time in creative writing has been fun. stories, plays its been a ton ,writing poems was my favorite one.

my favorite piece i wrote was probablh my poems i put alot into them and they reflected alot about how i felt, and plus they sound good after i wrote them haha.

My greastest piece of writing was probably my personal essay i put the most time and effort into it and i think i want more people to get something out of it other than my other pieces of writing. At first it took me alot to start because you dont realize your everyday experiences until you really think about them.

I did not enjoy writing plays because they never interested me it took me alot to write them because i didnt even want to take the time of day to write one.

After my time in creative writing i think i will start to write more outside of school..

BYE BYE MR MILES it was good having you as a teacher =)

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