Monday, January 7, 2008

An Unexcitingly Titled Blog

"The key to living life is finding happiness" i feel that their is more to just life then the things that are around us each day. i dont feel as if life is all about how many friends someone has how much money is in your pocket.i feel someone should have one thing in life that makes them go on with there day or makes them wake up each morning..happiness is not about the smile on peoples face or walking with your head held up high. happiness has to do with the love you share with someone or something and that will never leave out of your life.

In 2008 i would like to accomplish graduating highschool and moving on to my freshman year of college and have an idea on what i want to be in life.I think this is important because i want the best for me in life and i have to first succeed and get on a path to guide me to that direction. Im going to accomplish this by doing my best in school never give up and just keep trying and sooner or later it will be all over with.

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