Wednesday, September 12, 2007

About bri

Hi all you ehs students thanks for taking the time to read my blog. If you don't already know me or about me then check this out
My name is bri
i am a senior "08"
i've attended ehs since my freshman year
i work at bruegger's bagel
i love dancing
i love traveling
i love all kinds of music but mainly hip hop
i've participated in s.a.l.t since my sophmore year
and hip hop dance since my sophmore year
writing interests
i love writing journals expressing myself and my personal feelings.
I try and write poems but im not the best at them.
i enjoy reading love poems, funny poems, or poems with lots of meaning.
i read books in my spare time so im always interested in reading
different types of writing and short stories
over the next four months i want to continue my hard work in school keep up the grades and find the exact college i want to attend hopefully winona or maybe mankato..I ALSO JUST WANT TO ENJOY MY SENIOR YEAR AT EDINA!!!


hamdi said...

hey bri i did'nt get time to read your comment,i definiteky try.

hamdi said...

my first initial impression was that she might someone that went through these ordeal.
my strongest line was when she was describing the colors that you are not suppose to wear
Don't wear red
Don't wear blue
or you may end up in the hospital in a gun shot in the womb.