Tuesday, September 25, 2007

assignment 3

will it ever change

I hold back a tear
and i pray in fear
to keep my love ones
year after year

the love i have makes my heart filled
but any moment someones killed

where i live is what makes me
to be able to walk down the street
i feel free

everyday you see it grow
minneapolis is my home

but home is a place
where you call safe

i lay myself down to sleep
wake at night to hear 3 gun shots
and the police

don't wear red
don't wear blue
or end up in the hospital
with a gun shot wound

i walk to the store
i go outside
always feeling a rush inside

i stop in my shoes
but what am i doing
5 mins later theres a drive by shooting

~by brianna

swinging on my swing

flinging hair round and round
higher i go above the ground
my stomach turns my stomach ties
closing my eyes against the blue sky

made with wood two white strings
nailed in my swing

kicking my legs
back and fourth
swinging on my swing
more and more

i go to sleep
and i being dreaming
as i am
swinging and swinging

being five
i had the best times
getting up at sunrise
and running outside

standing at the door
looking out to my swing
i even remember what i wore

my swing so calm
i touch the white string
with my soft palm
swinging high as the tree
just my swing and me

~by brianna


hamdi said...

i agree with bri because some parts of the story did not make alot of sense but the ending was alittle bit akward.

claire said...

bri, that first poem is sooo good!