Tuesday, September 18, 2007

assignment 2

1. I remember in my 2nd grade English class once a month we would have a book choice day. every time we got to choose a new book from this big selection of all these kids book. my mom always talk to me about being a giving person so i found this book called The Giving tree Shel silerstone. After reading this book i completely fell in love with and its still prob my favorite book till this day.
2. The book means alot to me because i thing giving things up to someone is a big responsibility especially when you don't get anything out of it. that just shows how much you think of others. when i do a good deed for someone else it makes me feel good because i know i made someones day . this what exactly happened in the novel about a tree who gave every little piece of her to a boy who was her friend.
3. through out the book you continuously see the passage " and the tree was happy" thats my favorite passage because no matter what she had left if she has anything left her (apples, branches, leaves etc.) she remained happy because she knew she was doing something good for her friend the only one she had.
4. now select 1 of the 2 prompts below
1. think of a time when you made someone happy or did a good deed for someone else
2. write about a time when someone did a good deed for you

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