Thursday, October 11, 2007

assignment # 5

1) "Hi there" meme said.
"ah! what the hell?" the strange girl yelled as she dropped a small pocket knife out her hand.
"sorry i didn't mean to frighten you" meme said sadly with her head down seeing blood trailing down the stream of water.
" what do you want girl"
"well i just moved here and i found this park and everytime im here no one ever comes so i seen you and thought to introduce myself" Meme explained.

2) We called her little Meme. She wasgirl of innocenc, shyness, and happiness, but had no friends.

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Taylor said...

hi myname is TAYlor i like long walks on thebeach swimming in lakes and playing board games i currently attend edina high school and hatye it very much i dont kno what else to say so im just gonna write random things i like chocolate pinnaple wow this is really lame i like winter fresh gum...but not just any kind of gum you kno like it has to be a certain kind like 5 for example non of that trident crap well,this has been fun bye!!!!!!!!!