Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Fear Questions:

1. Do you like to be scared? Why or why not? In what settings are you okay with being frightened? I hate being scared, because when I’m scared I feel as if I think of the worst things possible. The only time I find myself frighten but okay with the situation is during thunderstorms the lightning doesn’t scare me it’s the big “booms” of thunder and I know its just a sound so its all okay.

2. What scares you? Are there things you fear? Are there things in our world you consider horrific? These do not have to be about ghosts or monsters. (One of Stephen King's bestselling horror novels was about a dog.) Perhaps you are afraid to ski or afraid of snakes. Maybe you hate being alone in your house at night. Maybe you are afraid of big cities. Where do your fears come from? Are you more scared by blood and guts terror or by subtle the possibility of something horrible happening? The top things that scare me would have to be spiders (any bug/insect or creature with more than 4 legs, heights, the dark, being alone <---- (sometimes) thunderstorms, old cars and vans that drive slow at night past me when I walk outside. I think I fear all these things because something bad can happen out of them. I always am cautious and blow it all over proportion, I always think of the worst. when I’m on a ride at a fair that goes up high the things that pop in my head are what if it break or what if I get stuck. When I see a spider I think it just laid babies and their going to crawl in my bed. I walk outside when its dark and see cars I fear of being kidnapped, This is were the fear comes from.

3. What, in your opinion, is a good definition for madness? What would a person have to do to be considered "mad" by you? Someone who is destructive enraged, or infuriated. You can see anger in there eyes, they look serious. They can be screaming and have a red face, yelling threats etc.

4. Poe writes about a man driven to madness. What drives people to madness today in your opinion? How does someone go from seemingly normal to insane (at least temporarily)? Gas prices, crime, war, terrorism, money. Someone who keeps something bottle up eventually has to let it out. So you don’t see anything is wrong with them but the second they let it out you think they’ve gone crazy but really their just mad.


hamdi said...

hey boo wasup i love theway u answered the questions in your popinion and i absolutely loved Q4 and the way you intrepret it
luv u girl

hamdi said...

bri bri

hey boo wasup i love the way u answered the questions in your popinion and i absolutely loved Q4 and the way you intrepret it
luv u girl

October 24, 2007 12:05 PM