Thursday, November 1, 2007


1. What have you enjoyed writing the most in the first quarter? Be general when answering this. Have you enjoyed the poetry? Short stories? Daily prompts? Why do you think you enjoyed this kind of writing?
I always enjoy writing poems because i feel its a comfortbale way to express myself or write about my feelings. Its not everyday i have time to write poems so when i finally get the chance in my creative writing class its the best!

2. What do you think is your strongest piece of writing? You can be specific here or you can be more general and just say that "poetry" is your strong point. Explain your choice. Why is this your strongest piece or area of writing? Have you written much of it before? Do you feel you have a lot of inspiration in that area?
I would have to say my poems are my strongest pieces of writing, i don't have much experience but i always loves rambing on and on about things and i feel like i can do that in a poem. something new is always on my mind and and the best way to get it off my mind or express it is in a poem. When i write poems or read them i feel like the reader an always get a understanding or maybe relate. To me theirs never a wrong way to write a poem because the style of how its written reflects your poem

3. What have you learned about yourself as a writer in the first quarter? Are you incredibly self-driven? Do you need a lot of prodding to get going? Do you find that you need a lot of structure and direction in writing? Or do you not like the structure and direction?
Short stories are my weakest part of writing when i get assignmement to do for a short story i need a lot of direction. i never know how to start one or how to end, if i keep writing i can never stop. With poems i can just begin writing with out any structure or direction.

4. What kind of writing do you want to pursue now? Is there a genre you are really interested in exploring? Plays? Screenplays? Non-fiction? (Be specific- what kind of non-fiction? Music reviews? Memoir?)
If i HAD to pursue in one of the following i would make a book of my poems.


hamdi said...

hey bri
i love the way you express yourself through poems and i liked your poems alot and i hope you will continue with them.
love ya girl and continue writing poems

Taylor said...

Dear Bri
..roses are red and roses are yello i hope you fall offa steep ledge : )