Monday, December 3, 2007

assignment # 10

What is one dynamic personality (someone who is unique, special, or amazing) you have either known personally or know about? Describe the person (feel free to use a made up name if desired) and explain what makes him/her dynamic. Include any specific examples if you can.

1) I think Taylor Helgeson is the most unique person i ever met in my life. I met Taylor when i was 12 at a camp called Duncan . When i first saw taylor he was this small young boy that was your average stand up kid that love to tell jokes but no one ever seemed to give him the time of day. Taylor loved to ride on his scooter, tell jokes, rap, draw, and go fishing. When you first looked at Taylor you would think he was this deprived quiet boy that dress in dark baggy clothes. He confused me but i liked his ways with everything. He was so smart and most of all funny and i never got this vibe before i met him when i just seen him on his scooter riding around early mornings after we had breakfast.

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